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About Us: Team Members


Owner of Elite Esthetics & Lash Lounge

Licensed Esthetician / Multi-Certified Lash Technician / Acne Specialist

Hi, I'm Averi!

   I graduated from the Esthetics program at The Salon Professional Academy in 2018. There, I met some amazing, incredibly talented people, and expanded my knowledge and love for skincare and all things beauty. What I fell in love with most though, were lash extensions. I was absolutely mesmerized by the process and how what seems like such a small detail can truly transform your face--and confidence!

   Most recently, I took an extensive training course with Face Reality and became a Certified Acne Specialist. I have struggled with my own skin for as long as I could remember and I've spent lots of time and money at the Dermatologist's office. My acne journey was super frustrating and confidence-crushing. However, after discovering Face Reality, my skin had completely transformed! I jumped on the opportunity to soak in all of the knowledge they have to offer so I could add their Acne Bootcamp to my list of services. The program has dramatically improved my complexion and I can't wait to help my acneic clients achieve the same mind-blowing results!

   I might be a little crazy for deciding to open my business during the Covid-19 pandemic, but I have loved every second of it so far! My client's have truly made this journey, and every day worth it. I am passionate about uplifting and empowering women, and increasing my client's confidence through my work. When I'm not lashing, I'm probably working my second full-time job: "stay-at-home cat mom"!

Check out Averi's latest work on Instagram! @averi.eliteesthetics



Licensed Esthetician / Certified Lash Technician / Wax Specialist

Hello, I'm Ava!

I'm a Licensed Esthetician who recently graduated from The Salon Professional Academy. I specialize in Lash Extensions and Facial/Body Waxing. I am dedicated to the art of accentuating your natural beauty, and my ultimate goal is to have you leaving my room feeling confident and empowered. I look forward to forming trusting relationships with my clients and doing what I love best.

Check out Ava's latest work on Instagram! @naturallyou_esthetics


Jess (Gurlface LLC)*

Licensed Esthetician / Dermalogica Expert

Hi everyone! My name is Jess and I own Gurlface Skin Studio.

I am a licensed esthetician specializing in everything skincare. My approach is result driven skincare services while also to providing you with a relaxing, rejuvenating experience. I have a background in energy healing and use this skill in the treatment room to help align and cleanse your aura leaving you glowing from the inside out! I’m passionate about my career and when you schedule with me, you’re not just another client, you become a FACE, part of the Gurlface family.

*The Gurlface Skin Studio is located within Elite Esthetics & Lash Lounge. You may visit Jess' website by clicking here!

Check out Jess' latest work on Instagram! @gurlface_

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